Finally, the SPSC is going to conduct CCE 2013 afresh against the backdrop of the SC’s verdict. Nonetheless, the provincial government has somehow contravened the SC’s order which pointed out the rules for the appointment of the chairman and the members. Legally, it was incumbent on the Governor to appoint the chairman who has to be apolitical person. Little wonder and absurdities which disposed the results to nullification previously, found their grounds in exam. In a lucid mood, SPSC has remained below par as compared to the other Public Service Commissions. Sadly, if this state goes unabated, the future of the youth will stay in perils. 

Now it is an imperative that the SPSC show its tendency & will to revisit its mechanism like the footprints of the FPSC and the PPSC, in order to save the future of the candidates. Proffered here are some precautions which, if embraced out rightly, will never let The SPSC fall prey to candidates’ outrage in the future. 

The first and foremost, the paper setters must review the question papers before their print in order to avoid any forthcoming errors in questions. Previously, these absurdities baffled both, the candidates and the examiners during and after the exam. Hence, the results were below the expectations. 

Next, The SPSC has to derive its measures to halt cheating that was previously committed by candidates in many centers. Restraints need to be imposed in actual sense on usage of mobile phones and chitchat in examination hall. 

Besides, The SPSC must put a veil on roll numbers when examiners assess answer sheets. Ostensibly, it is written on the sheets that roll numbers shall be removed, but reality does not ground it. Let then transparency prevail by making examiners impartial and preserving secrecy of copies for the sake of transparency. Lastly, the time of announcement of results should not exceed four months as there is already an elapse of 5 years, otherwise it will further agonize the candidates. 


Hyderabad, September 13.