The EU Kashmir Council Chairman Ali Raza Syed has condemned the Indian military’s attack on a helicopter carrying Azad Kashmir (AK) Prime Minister Raja Farooq Haider Khan near the uneasy Line of Control (LoC) on Sunday.

The media reported that the AJK prime minister’s helicopter was flying near Taraori village when bullets were fired at it from an Indian post across the LoC. The PM was said to be safe.

Farooq Haider had gone to the village to condole with the former AJK Prime Minister Chaudhry Abdul Majid, whose brother recently died.

The Kashmir Council chairman said that Indians continue to violate the ceasefire agreement and commit atrocities in the Indian-Held Kashmir but they have miserably failed to shake the determination of Kashmiris.

Ali Raza said, “Indian troops usually attack with light and heavy weapons on the civilian population of Kashmir based in the areas near LoC and this time, a civilian helicopter carrying the AJK’s Prime Minister became under target.”

However, he added that India would never be successful in its evil plans because the people of Kashmir would continue to struggle to expose the real face of India.

Ali Raza called upon the international community to take serious notice of the deteriorating situation at LoC and as well as Indian atrocities in Indian Held Kashmir. “The Kashmiris’ homicide by Indian forces is state terrorism and the world must take notice of the situation,” he said.