LAHORE - Punjab Senior Minister  Abdul Aleem Khan has said the Punjab government will not abandon any ongoing development project in the province, including the Orange Line Metro Train (OLMT).

"Shehbaz Sharif, former chief minister, discontinued development projects started by his predecessors, only because the foundation plaques did not bear his name," he said during an interview with the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) here on Saturday as shared by the DGPR.

To a question, the senior minister said the PML-N government had looted national kitty and received billions of rupees through mega projects which had caused huge financial loss to the country.

He said the PTI government was committed to complete the on-going projects despite corruption by the previous regime as the projects had been started with the taxpayers' money.

"The PTI-led Punjab government has been trying to grapple with the economic challenges due to the over-payments by the previous government and an empty provincial kitty," he responded.

Aleem Khan , to another query, said it would take at least four years to complete the on-going development started by the previous PML-N government, only then the government could launch new projects.

About the subsidy, he said it was an injustice to the national resources to subsidize projects permanently, adding projects like Bhikki Power Plant proved white elephants for the national exchequer which were over paid to fill up the pockets of the former rulers.

About priorities, the minister said the sectors like education, health and clean drinking water were of great importance for common man which were neglected in previous tenures.

He said there would be startling revelations soon about Saaf Pani Project that how it was used to benefit the Sharif Family.

Responding to another question, Aleem Khan said the new Local Government (LG) system would transfer power to the grassroot level and their problems would be resolved on local level.

He said the LG representatives would have full administrative and financial powers with proper check and balance system placed by the 10 reputed audit companies, adding it was for the first time in the political history of Pakistan that the local government representatives were being given such administrative powers.

Vis-à-vis 100-Day agenda, he said the nation was looking towards Punjab for change and implementation of 100 Day, adding it would be a role model for other provinces.

"Prime Minister Imran Khan's team in Punjab is working selflessly to achieve the goals set in 100-Day plan to provide relief to the man in the street," he added.