Former railways minister and PML-N leader Khwaja Saad Rafique on Sunday has said the current government should quit its efforts to roll back the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor project.

While addressing the party leaders in Lahore, Saad said the PTI's government failure is evident from its foreign policy.

"The government should stop its plans to roll back CPEC project, the masses and PML-N will not let this happen, as this project is in the best interest of the country", he said.

The PML-N leader further accused PTI government of 'destroying public institutions'. "The current government is destroying institutions that we had improved, "We revived the railway department but the current railway minister seems to be inclined on destroying it," he stated.

Saad expressed his disappointment with the Railways Minister Sheikh Rasheed Ahmad's attitude towards 'honest officers' of the department. 

He also criticised the government for increasing the prices of essential commodities like electricity and gas.