LOS ANGELES-Victoria Beckham never ‘’cringes’’ about her past because it has brought her to where she is now.

The Spice Girls singer-turned-fashion designer insists she doesn’t regret any style decisions she’s made over the years because even her mistakes have made her the person she is now. She said: ‘’I never look back and cringe at anything.

‘’It’s been a journey and everything has brought me to where I am now. ‘’You know, I think it’s about keeping it quite simple, being true to who I am and being comfortable.’’Victoria’s own daughter, Harper, may only be seven years old but she’s unlikely to make too many fashion mistakes as she’s already learning from her mother’s shows.

Speaking backstage after her London Fashion Week presentation - where the models sported swept-back locks - Victoria told Grazia magazine: ‘’Harper has already said ‘Mummy I want to slick my hair back before lunch.

‘’She’s known [hairstylist] Guido since she was three months old.’’ Despite her fashion line keeping her busy, the 44-year-old designer - who also has sons Brooklyn 19, Romeo, 16, and 13-year-old Cruz with husband David - insists her family always come first and she feels ‘’lucky’’ she can fit her work around their needs. She said: ‘’It’s going to be hectic on the school run, for sure. ‘’But the kids are always going to be my priority - the kids come first. ‘’Nine times out of 10 I do the school run. ‘’I’m lucky that I’m the boss, so I can do that.

‘’But the kids are here and it’s great for them t see what I do.

‘’My sister’s kids were here too and they’ve never seen what I do. I’ve got family members that have never seen what I do!’’