KARACHI - The Federal Ministry for Human Rights is facing hurdles in handling complaints of human rights violation owing to non-cooperation of police and other institutions. The officials of the Ministry are dependent on the police and other concerned institutions as currently Human Rights Ministry has no set up to investigate the complaints of violation due to dearth of staff and funds. Ali Nawaz Katiar Regional Director Sindh, Human Rights Ministry, in an interview with The Nation talked on various issues and problems facing the Ministry. He claimed that at least 200 to 250 complaints of human rights violations reach the regional office of Sindh in a month and the sources of above 80 per cent complaints are the newspapers. He admitted that mostly victims do not approach the Ministry to get solve their complaints of rights violations, so the ministry has to rely on the newspapers reports. The Regional Director of Ministry further said the regional offices based in four provincial capitals take notice of the newspapers reports and send the cases to the relevant institutions for investigation, but unfortunately the concerned institutions do not cooperate with the ministry to investigate the cases. Even, in most cases the police officials do not reply to the complaints send to them, he said, adding that majority of the complaints of human rights violations are related to the police. He disclosed that at least 5995 cases, complaints of human rights violations in Sindh had been picked up in two years (from July 2007 to July 2009) by the regional office of Human Rights Ministry, but only 883 cases, complaints have been disposed off and 5112 cases are still pending at the stage of the investigation and court of law. These complaints are police manhandling and farmers complaints against feudal lords, torture on prisoners in jails, Karo Kari, bonded labour, encroachment on properties and others. Though, in its limited capacity of staff, the officials of human rights regional offices also pay random visits to the sites of complaints and listen to the victims and alleged abusers of human rights, he maintained. Katiar disclosed that Human Rights Ministry has prepared a proposal to enhance the powers of the Ministry to investigate the complaints of human rights violations. Furthermore, the establishment of human rights judicial council at Divisional level was also under consideration, which envisaged the creation of posts such as Deputy Directors, Assistant Directors, Law officers and other staff at district level has also been proposed. In this regard, the Human Rights Ministry has already made a presentation to the President Asif Ali Zardari. However, to further explore the suggestions to ensure human rights in the country, a Coordination Committee headed by Federal Minister for Human Rights Ministry Mumtaz Ali Gillani has been formed, while provincial ministers and Secretaries of Human Rights Department, Law, Home, Interior Secretaries are also members of the committee. Pakistan is also a signatory to the Human Rights Charters of the United Nations, but Ministry is not being given any importance to achieve the UNs goals and objectives. He demanded that the rights of workers and labourers should be respected otherwise they would come out on roads and streets for their demands.