The statements by two important personalities associated with the 1992 operation that the 'Jinnahpur conspiracy' was actually fabricated are rather startling. For over 17 years, the people of Karachi have been made to suffer on that account. While the raging controversy raises many questions, it is the role of the former PM Nawaz Sharif that has been brought under focus. PML-N's insistence that Nawaz was not taken into confidence at the start of operation reminds one of the Kargil controversy. Can it be that Nawaz had absolutely no idea of the impending operation when the whole country had a fair idea of it through their newspapers? This lame excuse does not absolve the then PM of his role in the operation in which over 15,000 people were allegedly killed. If Nawaz Sharif was not taken on board at the start, his role in the subsequent events still needs to be ascertained. Why did he not put his foot down then and stop the madness when he got knowledge of the operation? Further, if the whistle-blower (the former DG IB Brigadier Imtiaz) had found within a week that the Jinnahpur 'conspiracy' was nothing but a malicious figment of imagination, why didn't Mr. Sharif give a statement to that effect then to bury the controversy in its tracks? Fast forward 15 years to 2007, the APC convened by Mr. Sharif, on the insistence of its good host, declared unequivocally that no party would get into any sort of understanding with MQM. This was clearly a move to isolate MQM from the mainstream politics. Such acts of the former PM only strengthen the general belief in Karachi that Nawaz Sharif had an axe to grind against the MQM. The nation is waiting for an answer Mr. Sharif -REHAN ZAMIN, Karachi, via e-mail, August 25.