QUETTA - PML-Q leaders while expressing concern over the incidents of target-killings in Balochistan have said that mere apology for injustices was meaningless and they would support Prime Minister on Balochistan issue. PML-Q President Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain and Secretary-General Syed Mushahid Hussain said this while addressing a joint Press conference here on Sunday during their one-day visit to Quetta. They said that purpose of their visit was to express condolence with PML leader Senator Saeed Ahmed Hashmi whose brother-in-law was killed in an incident of target-killing. They said that situation in Balochistan was deteriorating very fast and this could be gauged from the fact that since January 2009, 301 people were killed in incidents of firing and 672 wounded. 238 people who were killed in these incidents were innocent citizens, they said. They said there was a narrow line between terrorism and resistance for rights, and if struggle for rights was pushed towards violence then it would be terrorism. They announced establishment of a special cell of PML-Q which would systematically prepare the reports of incidents of target-killings in Balochistan and would send them to Islamabad. They said it was not possible for anyone to control incidents of target-killings rather it was responsibility of all political parties to make joint struggle to stop this menace. Referring to Balochistan issue, PML-Q leaders said that they would ask Prime Minister to visit Balochistan and stay there so that affective measures could be taken for solving the problems. The government should take immediate steps to restore confidence of people in Balochistan, trace out all missing persons, release political workers and take all disgruntled people, who either have been climbed on mountains or in Kabul or Dubai, on board, they stressed. Nobody from the federal government was ready to visit Balochistan and solve the internal issues. Whether they will seek the help of Richard Holbrooke to solve the issues of Balochistan and other matters, they asked. The PML-Q leaders said that incumbent government was in state of fear and perhaps waiting for any phone call. Parliament is there. They should not be worried about any thing, they added. They said the Army achieved success in Swat operation and the IDPs were returning to their homes and added the Army played an effective role in Swat as compared to American and Nato forces in Helmand. Responding to a question, they said there was a mindset in establishment which is responsible for the unrest in smaller provinces. They said same elements were not agreed to give provinces their rights and they were responsible for the killing of all Baloch leaders including Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti, Nawab Nauroz Khan and Asad Mengal. When they were questioned about trial of Pervez Musharraf for murder of Nawab Bugti, they said that there should be an investigation and responsible people should be brought to justice. To a query, they said just apologising was not a solution to the problems because Pervez Musharraf and President Zardari had also sought apology but it could not solve problems. They said practical steps were needed for solution of the problems.