LAHORE - Chief Minister Punjab Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif has directed the administration that elderly citizens, women and disabled persons coming for shopping in Ramzan bazaars established by Punjab government should be treated with respect and courtesy while shaded sale points be set up for them in those Ramzan bazaars where there are no separate sale points for Sasta atta and sugar. He was addressing the people during his visit to Sastay Ramzan bazaars at Batala Colony, Fowara Chowk and Ghulam Muhammadabad in Faisalabad on Sunday. Senior Provincial Minister Raja Riaz Ahmad and local Assembly Members also accompanied him. The Chief Minister said that service to humanity and redressal of the grievances of the hapless people is at the top of welfare agenda of Punjab government. He said that high quality Sasta atta is being provided to the people at 414 Ramzan bazaars and more than 500 trucking points in various cities and towns of the province and the government is spending billions of rupees on the provision of essential items to the masses at cheaper rates. He said that elected representatives and officers of the administration are playing a commendable role in implementation of Punjab governments poor-friendly policies and success of Ramzan package. He said that Ramzanul Mubarak gives us the message of tolerance and restraint and it is our religious obligation to behave politely and facilitate the disabled, the poor, women and aged people who come to Sastay Ramzan bazaars for shopping. He warned the management of the Ramzan bazaars that he will not tolerate insult to any woman, aged citizen or common man and if any such incident came to his notice through media or any other source, the concerned official would not be spared. He said that he has taken notice of the photograph published in the press regarding misbehavior of a lady police official with a woman in Ramzan bazaar Rawalpindi and suspended the official. The Chief Minister went to Sasta Ramzan bazaar in Batala Colony, straight from the airport, where a large number of people including women were engaged in shopping. The people were pleasantly surprised to see Chief Minister Punjab among them and raised loud slogans in his favour. The Chief Minister also went to Sasta Ramzan bazaar in Saleemi Chowk at Satiana Road where he was also received enthusiastically. He talked to the people, purchasing Sasta atta and sugar, who expressed their satisfaction over the facilities provided by the administration to the consumers. At the third stage of his visit, the Chief Minister inspected Ramzan bazaar in Ghulam Muhammadabad and especially checked the stall of Sasti sugar. He inquired from the women who had come to purchase sugar about its availability. The women and elderly persons appreciated the Ramzan package of the Chief Minister as well as the arrangements made in this regard. Addressing the media representatives, the Chief Minister said that they could see that atta is available in abundant quantity and there are no queues of consumers. He said that the supply of atta has been doubled in Ramzan bazaars due to which it is now easily available to the people while separate counters have been set up for the disabled and women while tents have also be erected to save the consumers from heat. He appreciated Senior Provincial Minister Raja Riaz Ahmad, Assembly Members, local administration, police and PML(N) workers on excellent arrangements in Ramzan bazaars in Faisalabad and directed Commissioner, DCO, CPO and other administrative officers to maintain the same arrangements in Sastay Ramzan bazaars and supply of atta at concessionary rate.