ISLAMABAD - After the resolution of issues like under-funding and access to remote areas, the international donors expectations from the United Nations regarding rehabilitation of the IDPs and reconstruction of the militancy-hit areas have increased and now they want the world body to deliver in concrete terms, sources within donors and the international body confided to TheNation on Sunday. Commenting on the recent statement of Assistant-Secretary General WHO Eric Laroche regarding concerns of the UN about 1.5 million IDPs returning home, some senior UN officials here uphold that now the situation has improved substantially with resolution of problems like under-funding and access to remote areas and challenges in health sector are not as serious as they were previously. Eric Laroche had said in Washington the other day, We are still very much concerned about the possibility of being able to supply (returnees) with the necessary support in health. The WHO official had expressed concerns over the provisions of health facilities to the returnees (IDPs returning home) in Pakistans militancy-hit areas after the destruction of various health centres. The WHO officials statement had much to do with the recent past when the United Nations was persistently facing issues like under-funding and access to remote areas, the officials said. The frequent media briefings and humanitarian appeals made by some top UN officials during their visits to Pakistan had been given vital importance by the international and local media and had actuated various international donors to donate funds, they added. At present there in no problem of under-funding and access to the militancy-hit remote areas, like Swat, Mingora, Buner and adjacent Malakand Division, the donors expect the UN now to deliver significantly in concrete terms instead of echoing the same saga of problems. With provision of funds and passage of hard times, the donors want results. Now the ball is in UNs court, a representative of one of the donor countries told TheNation. Some insiders too endorsed the same standpoint. They believed the problems are almost over, the expectation of international donors, who have made substantial contributions during crisis, from the UN are not unfounded. They believe it is the turn of the UN, other related NGOs and the government of Pakistan to live up to their (donors) expectations. The under-funding problem does not remain a matter of concern anymore, the recent breakthroughs in funding have proved quite substantial and more funds are likely to come in future, a UN official told TheNation. It is pertinent to mention here that the donors have provided $ 337m, which is around 70 per cent of the total amount of $ 542m required for complete rehabilitation. The fact-sheet circulated by the UN on August 11, 2009 showed that over $13m out of around $42m required in health sector, was collected by the aforementioned date. That was 32 per cent of the funds required for health sector, which now has reached near 45 pc.