Some dubious developments are taking place in the country in which once dead issues are being revisited by equally dubious people. The revelations made in the process have already shaken the political forces in the country especially the ones the people look at for deliverance. The motives whosoever behind the orchestra are none other than damaging the political class that came to power after the unceremonious exit of the Musharraf or wants to settle scores with the most despised dictator in the annals of country's history, probably with the impulse to keep them under pressure at the moment when the political leadership's hands are full with issue of great consequences. The same tactics earlier were used against the PPP leadership, with President Zardari becoming scapegoat for all the wrong being done in the country. It seems now it is the turn of Nawaz Sharif to face the music. Tempers are already running high in the PML (N) circles to find their leadership being ridiculed by certain elements outside political realm. First to open the Pandora's Box was none other than MQM leadership. It seems thereafter sky is the limit as stunning disclosures started flying thick and fast and more and more people jumped in the fray, sparing almost none from the political leadership. Altaf Hussain, the MQM's supremo and a cult figure in the party in most emotional manner gave his account of how operation was launched against MQM in 1992 in which according to him 15,000 MQM workers were perished. According to Altaf, it was Nawaz Sharif who masterminded this operation and wanted to put MQM out of existence. Then came in the picture and continues to create ripples in already muddied waters was Brig Imtiaz and other spymasters of yesteryears, the spent forces finding opportunity to come in the limelight at the expense of curiosity shown by the media. Imtiaz stirred a storm by revealing how IJI was formed and who was behind the formation of this outfit. His disclosure of how secret funds of ISI were distributed among the politicians and who got what is already talk of the town, injecting a new life in the TV channels always on the look out for the juicy scandals, especially the ones involving the politicians. As the story ISI largesse and who gets what becoming a household item, the public is already mad to know who is behind the entire move and why this flogging of dead horse at this particular moment. The related question that follows the journalists everywhere is whether the present set up figuring both PPP and PML(N) in any danger. The vexed question is also for the political leadership of both PPP and PML (N) to address and analyse, if all is well for them. Addressing this question they would realize one thing that it is not the right time to undermine each other covertly or overtly, let alone brow-beating each other. They need to realize also that they could not excel or protect their enlightened interest or ensure the supremacy of parliament if they do not stand united. Already the bonhomie the exhibited earlier seemed to be a thing of past. It is not that difficult to read between the lines as far as motives are concerned. The political leadership from both the main parties, PPP and PML (N) should not face any problem in making the right judgment if they put behind their preconceived notions about each other. The PML (N)'s Ahsan Iqbal partly blamed presidency and partly some invisible hands behind all the propaganda against Nawaz Sharif. He said that his party by signing Charter of Democracy has already made amends for the mistakes it made in the past. But then the people instrumental in reviving a dead issue MQM or Brig Imtiaz suggest that they got encouragement from somewhere else other than presidency. Revelations made by them are mostly Nawaz-specific. We all know that Nawaz Sharif has adopted a very bold stance vis--vis Establishment. He is also the leading voice in the country that wants the trial of Musharraf which is probably not acceptable to certain influential quarters. The more enlightened circles are abuzz that the entire move has been designed to cut Nawaz to size and damage him politically. They believe that it is also a message for even the judiciary. E-mail: