ISLAMABAD (APP) - People living along the express highway urged to use overhead bridge to avoid any undue incident. The Capital Development Authority has installed overhead bridges on the newly constructed Express Highway for convenience of the people and to avoid any undue incident but it has been noticed that people living along the highway are not using these bridges. Talking to the agency, a regular commuter Muhammad Imran said the government has spent thousands of rupees for the convenience and safety of the masses but unfortunately people are not using this facility. He was of the view that one traffic police person should be deputed near these bridges to guide the people that the bridges have been installed to facilitate them. Muhammad Akmal was of the view that the people, not using the overhead bridges, should be punished, as this step would help save their precious lives. He urged the people to take care of their life and avoid crossing the Express Highway in the presence of overhead bridge, as it could be dangerous for them. Iabal Hussain urged media to create awareness among the people as presently media is best tool to educate and create awareness among the people. Residents of Kuri Road said it was the demand of the locals to install the overhead bridge but unfortunately most of the people are not using this facility and putting their lives in danger by crossing the road from different locations of their choice. He said he has witnessed many accidents on the express highway due to the negligence of the people.