LAHORE - Central Secretary Information, Pakistan Peoples Party, Fauzia Wahab said on Sunday that her partys government would add 7000MW of electricity in the national grid before completion of its constitutional tenure. Talking to media at an iftar dinner hosted by PPPs Punjab Secretary Information, Dr Fakhruddin Chaudhry in honour of journalists here, she said government was taking both long and short term measures to end loadshedding at the earliest possible time. As long term strategy, she said, the government was planning to build 12 new dams, while as short term measure, it had decided to install rental power plants to overcome power shortage by the end of current year. She said present government would add 7000MW of electricity to the national grid before completion of its tenure. To a question about shocking revelations about politicians by former intelligence officers, she admitted that it was a campaign aiming at maligning the politicians. The PPP leader said she had no clue of as to who was behind this conspiracy. She, however, clarified that there was no cell at the presidency or the Peoples Secretariat backing this malicious move. She said court should take up the pending case of distribution of money among politicians in the earliest. She said PPP did not acquire its current status merely on the basis of opposition of some party. She attributed her partys successes to power of its ideology, pro-poor policies and the love of people of Pakistan. Responding to a question about granting of autonomy to the Northern Areas, Fauzia said it was a longstanding demand of the people of this region, and would go a long way towards its development. About expansion in US embassy, she said there was nothing to worry about it. Talking about war on terrorism, she said that government has given a severe blow to the terrorists, who are now on the run. She said suicide attacks had also reduced considerably compared o previous year. He said Pakistans rating at the world level has improved from negative to B plus as a result of establishment of peace in the troubled region.