By denying passage of resolution to try General Musharraf, under the ruse of it being 'undoable', PPP has done a crime against itself. Under one pretext or the other, it is constantly badgering on with the fraudulent demand of a 'unanimous resolution' from the PML-N, knowing they can't deliver on that. But by doing so, the present government and its NROed beneficiaries are actually keeping the door to a military take-over open. They have dug their own grave to be buried once and for all. PPP, it seems, is a prisoner of over-confidence, undue smugness and unwarranted arrogance. By acting even more dictatorially than Musharraf, and by their unrestrained corruption, lack of governance and betrayal of all their public pledges, they are busy engineering their own fall. They are likely to be killed due to the license to kill they have sanctioned themselves. -NOOURE ZEENATE JEHAN, Karachi, via e-mail, August 22.