ISLAMABAD    -    Scores of Afghan refugees took out a huge rally at Kashmir Avenue here Friday to exhibit their support for the Kashmir cause.

Supporting the call given by Prime Minister Imran Khan to observe Kashmir Hour, the Afghans carrying Afghan, Pakistani and Azad Kashmir flags made a human chain to express their support for Kashmiri freedom loving people.

Addressing the Afghan refugees, Minister for SAFRON and Narcotics Control Shehryar Khan Afridi said that while Afghan peace was being achieved, the world needed to shift its focus on resolution of Kashmir issue which was mandatory for world peace.

He said that the regional peace faced threats from the expansionist designs of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi who was pushing Hindutva agenda.

“Driven by Hindutva agenda, Modi wants to annex all South Asian states to create a greater Hindu state.

He started this campaign by annexing Indian Occupied Kashmir on gunpoint.

If the world doesn’t act now, he would get encouraged and would move to next destinations jeopardizing the regional and world peace,” the minister said.

He said that over the past few days, 10,000 Kashmiri daughters had been raped by Indian army.

“The world needs to take cognizance of the massive human rights violations in IOK. We don’t want war with India but the fascist regime in India is hell bent to impose war on Pakistan,” he said.

Afridi said that Modi must know that if this war erupted, it might be a nuclear war.

“The world needs to act now and tell Modi to free Kashmir. If the United Nations fails to act now like League of Nations did fail, the world would have to face another world war,” he said.