LAHORE - Punjab Jail Minister Abdul Waheed Chaudhary informed the provincial assembly on Tuesday that the death penalties of the terror culprits sentenced by the military courts would only be executed.

The minister informed the assembly about this fact while replying to the queries of members during the question hour about the jail department.

The session started with a delay of one hour and three minutes with Speaker Rana Iqbal in the chair, which took up the question hour on jail department and excise and taxation department.

Abdul Waheed replied to the queries relating to his department while Parliamentary Secretary Mian Munir replied questions about the excise and taxation department.

Replying to ruling party member Shameela Aslam’s query, Abdul Waheed told the house that no orders for the executions of the terror convicts awarded death sentence by the civilian courts so far, while the death penalties of the terror culprits sentenced by the military courts would only be executed.

Replying to another query, Abdul Waheed admitted failure of the government and told the house that all the number of prisoners was much higher than the capacity of jails in the province but the provincial government would make operational five new jails in January 2015. He also told the house members that family rooms in Lahore, Faisalabad and Multan had been completed to facilitate the inmates.

He told the house that a women prison had already in Multan, while the government was planning another in Rawalpindi.

Opposition member and JI parliamentary leader Dr Waseem Akhtar, asking the parliamentary secretary Mian Munir about relief in property tax to Anjuman Ahmedia, said that excise and taxation department had given more than 3.3 million tax relief to the organisation and the entire house should stage a walkout over this serious matter.

The parliamentary secretary, replying to the query, said that Anjuman Ahmedia was a welfare organisation and all these organisations were given tax relief regardless of the religion.

Dr Waseem Akhtar along with opposition members, Waqas Akhtar Mokal and Sardar Shahabuddin staged a token walkout against the tax relief to Anjuman Ahmedia, while they were brought back by Provincial Minister Nadeem Kamran on the instructions of speaker.

On a point of order, ruling party member Sheikh Alauddin expressing concern over the incidents like Anarkali inferno said that Shah Alam, Rang Mehal, Alamgir Market, Akbari Mandi and other vicinities in the Walled City could face the same if proper arrangements were not made to avert such dangers.

The house also passed four public interest resolutions in this sitting of Private Members Day out of total five. The passed resolutions were tabled by Shameela Aslam, Sheikh Alauddin, Kanwal Nauman and Lubna Faisal.