ISLAMABAD - The incumbent government should immediately constitute 'anti-Daesh task force' to tackle the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS), which is fast making inroads in different parts of Pakistan especially Southern Punjab.

"ISIS is following into the footsteps of Al-Qaeda. Its sympathizers with the connivance of Taliban are fast spreading in the country which needs to be tackled without any further delay," said former interior minister and PPP Senator Rehman Malik in an exclusively talk with The Nation here on Tuesday.

He claimed that ISIS elements are present in different parts of the country mainly in Southern Punjab, Karachi, Kahuta and Gujranwala which could further increase if immediate steps are not taken on this crucial matter.

"Leader of ISIS Abu Bakar al-Baghdadi had also spent half of the year with Taliban and now he and his supporters are in contact with TTP for their nefarious designs," said Malik while sharing information of his sources.

About the physical appearance of Daesh supporters, he informed that they even do not follow Islamic style of beard. "They look like beasts in their physical appearance and want to expand till China for their hidden agenda," he said, adding that Pakistan could not afford further delay to deal with these elements.

Malik said that he would definitely appreciate MQM chief Altaf Hussain for giving information about the presence of flags and wall-chalking in the country. "ISIS could safely be called a by-product of al-Qaeda, as they are following their style," he said adding that they have strong roots in different parts of Iraq mainly Baghdad and Mosul.

About ISIS terrific style in Iraq, he said Daesh men terrorised the people by slaughtering young children in the presence of people. "In a bid to terrorise the people, they asked the elders of villages to gather young children in grounds and in the presence of a huge crowd they slit the throat of a child," he said.

The former interior minister further claimed the first presence of Daesh was in Gujranwala. "Now they are spreading in different areas and have contacts with Taliban...ISIS is making their roots as a franchise of al-Qaeda," he said.

About available resources of Daesh, the former minister informed that they had illegally confiscated oil wells in different areas of Iraq. "They have been making huge money by selling this oil and are now doing their nefarious activities with the support of this source," he said.

When asked about Daesh's Urdu used in emails to Pakistanis especially journalists, Rehman Malik said this development clearly reflects ISIS sympathisers' presence in the country.

"Who has translated their literature and thoughts in Urdu language...It needs to be ascertained without any delay," he said adding that he would shortly share some more details in his book on terrorism-related matters.

"I have survived nine terror attacks but even then I will continue my aim and determination against the anti-Pakistan elements," he added.

He further said that security personnel had arrested several ISIS militants during raids conducted in different parts of the country.

It is relevant to mention here that Interior Minister Chaudhary Nisar had repeatedly denied the fact that ISIS had any presence in Pakistan.

MQM chief Altaf Hussain, a couple of months ago had also warned that the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, was making efforts to penetrate into Pakistan and its flags could also be seen in Punjab.

The ISIS originally had surfaced in October 15, 2006 in Iraq but now many militant groups and some Taliban and Al-Qaeda leaders have joined it.