Multan - Serious crimes like kidnapping for ransom, rape, gang rape and dacoities have registered increase in Multan district during the year 2014 compared to corresponding period last year, disclosed police data.

The incidence of murders, kidnapping of women and theft, however, went down. A year-ender report compiled by the district police department revealed that the sharpest increase was witnessed in rape as this crime registered 53 percent rise followed by kidnapping for ransom with 40 per cent and gang rape 37 percent. Similarly, dacoities and robberies registered 11 per cent increase and killings in robberies 33 percent.

According to the details, a total of 153 rape cases were registered by the police this year compared to 100 in 2013. Similarly, seven kidnapping for ransom cases were reported in 2014 while five in 2013, 11 gang rape cases in 2014 and eight in 2013, 1201 dacoities and robberies of vehicles in 2014 and 1164 in 2013.

The ratio of murders went 5 per cent down this year as 162 cases were registered in 2014 compared to 171 in 2013. Similarly, kidnapping of women also witnesses 7 per cent decline as 525 cases were reported in 2014 compared to 562 last year. The theft incidents also witnessed a slight 3 per cent decline during 2014. A total of 5941 cases of car, motorbike, cattle and other kinds of thefts were registered by the district police during 2014 compared to 6094 in 2013.

Indian machinations: Jamaat-e-Islami Punjab Ameer Dr Syed Waseem Akhtar expressed serious concern over Indian government’s announcement to give army training to the students living along Pakistani border, saying the recent acts of Modi government had unveiled the real fascist and extremist face of so-called secular India. In a statement issued here, the JI leader added that Indian government had gone mad in her enmity with Pakistan and its cruel face had been unveiled. He said that India was an arch rival of Pakistan that never missed any chance to harm Pakistan. He maintained that all serious problems being faced by Pakistan including insurgency in Balochistan, terrorism in the country, water shortage and Kashmir issue were created by India.

He asked the government to take serious notice of Indian announcement to train students and adopt solid measures to counter this issue. He added that no bi-lateral relations should be made with India till settlement of Kashmir issue, water problem and solid assurance regarding elimination of RAW involvement in Balochistan terrorism. He said that entire South Asia became highly unsafe because of Modi’s coming into power.