Los Angeles

‘She looks horrid. Mia is meant to be a cute girl. Not looking like a man in drag,’ were the words one fan used to describe Rita Ora’s appearance when a still of her character Mia Grey emerged. But it would appear that Ora’s character in the highly anticipated film Fifty Shades Of Grey has been given a sultry makeover following the backlash from critics last month.

Taking to Instagram on Monday evening, the 24-year-old uploaded a new image which sees her rocking smoky eyes and sporting a longer bob. Co-signing the new image, the Hot Right Now singer was quick to upload it to the photo-sharing site unlike the image which was released last month.

Alongside the picture, she wrote: ‘I like this. I can’t wait till next year! #2015 #bots!’ With her fans also showing their approval, one admirer commented: ‘Cute hair’ while another gushed: ‘U are pretty’.

However one supporter said: ‘I’m glad you got to play her, but it’s not how I pictured Mia.’ Rita is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful popstars in the world but fans were less than impressed with her make-under the movie in which she stars alongside Jamie Dornan as his sister. The singer-and-actress plays kinky billionaire Christian Grey’s adopted sister Mia in the eagerly anticipated adaptation but after the first picture of her character was revealed, fans took to the movie’s Facebook page to share their dismay.