Sadiq:     An apology? They should all be thrown into jail for inciting violence. The lot of them. You know I seldom lose my cool, Ameen. But this is an insult to the scale of the incident. Two men are shot in the back of the head because a cleric decided to speak his twisted mind on national television, and where’s the accountability? The channel apologises for an editorial lapse and then defends the show host’s squeaky-clean reputation? I need to break something.

Ameen:     You know, I’m all for some broadcast-religion but I agree this got quite out of hand.

Sadiq:     Some broadcast-religion? Some? It’s never going to be “some.” It’s never going to be moderate or balanced. And if it’s talking about peace and love and hugs, well... we’re never going to hear about it on our popular shows are we? Religion in this country should not be discussed on television. Period.

Ameen:     That’s difficult though, when your religion and politics are so tied up into each other.

Sadiq:     And therein lies the problem. We overwhelm our narratives on politics with talk about holy texts. We confuse our own ideology, our Constitution and now, our morning shows. It’s one thing having a constructive two-way debate; but it’s a whole other thing giving a cleric a free pass to say whatever he wants to say, however he wants to say it, in a popular television show without any rebuttal, without any actual discourse. He was basically just given a platform to preach his hatred as the show host applauded in approval. Sickening. I feel sick.

Ameen:     What do you think the channel should do now? Reasonably speaking? All they can do is send out a public apology.

Sadiq:     But it’s not enough, Ameen! It’s just not enough. Some one should lose their job, some one should wake up and take this very very seriously, or its all our heads that are going to be rolling in the mud soon.