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Many celebrities suffer a social media faux pas now and then. But Sylvester Stallone’s latest gaffe could top them all, as the actor appears to have accidentally revealed the ending to the new Rocky spin-off movie, Creed.

The Hollywood star posted a picture on his Twitter page of the film’s script, but it may be legible to those with a keen eye for a secretive movie plot.

In what appears to be a perfectly innocent picture, showing pages of both typed and handwritten text, the veteran actor could have unveiled the film’s dramatic ending. Along with the snap, the 68-year-old wrote: ‘Where the screenwriting is done.’

The star appears to have been working hard on the screenplay for the film, and had removed his glasses for a moment to take the revealing picture. But if one flips the image and zooms in, the words can clearly be seen.

The portion of script shown in the potentially damning image also appears from a particularly dramatic scene in the new flick, a final fight between two of the main characters, according to Yahoo.

Hollywood scripts are usually extremely closely guarded to protect the story line and major plot points from being known to the audience beforehand. Creed is the upcoming spin-off film from the famous Rocky franchise, which sees Sylvester appear as boxer Rocky Balboa.

Set for release in 2016 and directed by Ryan Coogler, it follows the story of Rocky training and mentoring the grandson of his most famous former rival Apollo Creed.

Adonis Creed is being played by up and coming actor Michael B Jordan, while Sylvester will reprise his role for the seventh time, and it has been reported that the leaked final showdown is between the two of them.

Apollo Creed - who appeared in the very first Rocky movie back in 1976, and three of the sequels - was played by Carl Weathers, but it is not yet known if he’ll appear in the latest iteration in the franchise.

As well as eking out the Rocky movies, Sylvester also recently revealed that he will star in a fifth Rambo film.