Islamabad - The sale of unhygienic food items goes unchecked in the federal capital and its suburban areas as half-hearted efforts of the concerned authorities are proving to be insufficient to control it.

The owners of restaurants, bakeries and stall holders in different areas are selling different food items cooked and baked in unhygienic conditions. The food is served in filthy utensils, besides inflated rates are charged from the residents.

A large number of stalls and shops are selling different traditional fried food like Samosas, Pakoras, Fries, Halwa Poori, Fruit Chaat, Dahi Bhallay and Fish in violations of regulations made to ensure quality.

Faheem Akhtar, a customer complained that hotels and restaurants are not following cleanliness and safety standards.

Another citizen pointed out that substandard food is being sold openly at different markets of the city due to lack of appropriate action against the vendors and hotel owners. The sale of substandard eatables like fish, chips, sweets and soups is full swing at shops and roadside stalls without any check and balance.

The violation of hygiene rules is causing abdominal diseases among the residents especially children, he added. The shopkeepers prepare and cook these traditional food items in substandard cooking oil openly on the main roads. It has been observed that the cooks working at these restaurants and food outlets do not wear proper cooking dress.

Jamal Khan a customer said that hotel owners are required to keep the kitchens, pots and utensils clean, but certain outlets are not following the directions.

Rahim Khan, an employee at F-10 Markaz, said that he has observed that the sale of substandard Nimko, Chips, Fruit Cakes, Candies, Biscuits and other edibles at bakeries, were going unchecked. An official of the District Food department, when contacted informed that they were working day and night to check the quality and price of food being provided to the customers. Shopkeepers selling substandard food items are fined and strict actions are taken against them during checking and campaigns to check this trend.