LAHORE - A 24-year-old addict died after he injected himself with drugs at a rented quarter in Gulshan-e-Ravi, police said on Friday.

Muzammal, an embroiderer by profession, was found dead from his one-room rented house located in Shahbaz Colony near Data Nagar on Friday morning. A sweeper witnessed the body from the window and called the police.

Investigators said that Muzammal, a drug addict, was living alone in the shabby quarter for the last couple of years. Edhi Ambulance service shifted the body to the Mayo Hospital’s morgue for autopsy.

Drug addicts consume multiple products like injections, syrups, and inhalers. The number of drug addicts, using cheap injections, to fulfill their desire, is swelling in the provincial metropolis. In 2012, several addicts expired in the suburb of Lahore after they took cough syrup in large quantity. There is no respite in heroin overdose deaths in the populous Punjab province, officials say. A drug addict expired shortly after he injected himself heroin in the Gowalmandi area in March. An eyewitness had told the police that the man started shivering seconds after he administered himself an intravenous drug injection.

Reportedly, the country has more than four million drug addicts in a population of nearly 180 million, according to figures compiled by the Anti-Narcotics Force (ANF), which is responsible for investigating and prosecuting drug offences.

According to a research, cannabis (charas) or marijuana is the most commonly consumed drug in the country, with four million people users. Moreover, the report says opium and heroin are used by almost one per cent of drug users in Pakistan, and a majority of them are in provinces bordering Afghanistan. There are 420,000 people who inject drugs in Pakistan, which represents 0.4 per cent population.

Non-medical use of tranquilisers and sedatives is higher among women.