KARACHI (Staff Reporter): KCCI Senior Vice President Muhammad Ibrahim Kasumbi has asked the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) to order the concerned quarters to clarify the issue Sales Tax notices being constantly issued to taxpayers.

In a letter issued to Shahid Hussain Asad, Member IR Policy FBR, SVP KCCI advised the FBR to make necessary announcement in print and electronic media to withdraw the Sales Tax audit notices issued to the Sales Tax payers in FTR. He said that despite repeated appeals to exempt Sales Tax Registered Persons in FTR from Audit, KCCI member firms continue to receive Sales Tax Audit Notices. He was of the view that the Audit of registered persons in the FTR was a fruitless exercise and a waste of time both for FBR and the taxpayers already paying Value Addition of 3 percent on GST over and above the 17pc paid at source.

He hoped that the concerned authorities would pay attention to this pressing issue in order to provide some relief to the honest taxpayers who have been continually approaching KCCI for assistance.