ISLAMABAD - Attorney General for Pakistan Salman Aslam Butt informed the Supreme Court on Friday that the Prime Minister did not promote garde-20 officers on the basis of intelligent agencies’ reports.

A three-member bench, headed by Chief Justice Nasir-ul-Mulk, heard the federal government’s two civil petitions against the judgments of Islamabad High Court and the Lahore High Court, wherein the federal government was directed to promote the officers in accordance with the recommendations of the Central Selection Board (CSB).

The Central Selection Board in February, 2014 had recommended promotions of a number of officers from grade-20 to grade-21. The list included: 44 officers of the Pakistan Administrative Services, 11 officers of the Police Service of Pakistan, 20 officers of Foreign Service.

However, Prime Minister Office withheld the promotion of 26 officers of Pakistan Administrative Services, 6 the Police Group and eight of the Foreign Services and resent their names to the board for reconsideration.

Later, the affected officers namely Aftab Ahmad Manika, Manzar Hayat and others approached IHC and LHC through their counsel Asma Jahangir. The High Courts given a decision in their favour, however, the Establishment Division challenged them in the apex court.

During the hearing, AGP Salman Aslam Butt on behalf of Establishment Division told the bench that prime minister had referred the summary regarding the promotion of certain officers to Central Selection Board for reconsideration by giving certain observations, adding that these observations were given on the basis of agencies reports.

However, Asma Jahangir stated that the reports did not doubt the dignity of these officers as there is no charge of corruption on them, adding if the promotion of officers is finalized on the basis of agencies reports then the Central Selection Board should be disbanded.

The chief justice asked whether the agencies reports were also presented before the board. The AG told that he is unaware regarding the procedure of selection board.

He further stated that the prime minister did not reject the nomination of these officers for promotion, but referred the matter to selection board for reconsideration.

The bench also raised questions whether the selection board can ignore the observations, given by the prime minister, and whether the PM can refer the matter with observations to the board for reconsideration.

The counsel for respondents said that the court should give ruling over the prime minister’s powers in the matter related to the promotion of civil servants.

The hearing of case is adjourned until February 9.