A meeting is underway. Slogans are being chanted and crowds worked up into frenzy. No single individual cares to muster up the strength and tolerance to stop carting slogans and listen to what the member of the other side has to say. Emotions rise and tempers fray. After brimming up and spilling over with angry, negative sentiments, participants leave their seats, filter into the open space and start viciously fighting with each other. Abusive language is thrown around.

The scene I describe is not any WWE match or MMA fighting arena; it was our own Parliament. The people slapping, kicking and punching each other were our own parliamentarians who are meant to represent 200 million people of the Land of the Pure. When these people lack tolerance, patience, moral values and integrity, what message are they spreading to the world about our great nation? When we are divided and indulge our petty internal disputes, it allows outsiders the advantage to weaken and debauch us directly or indirectly.

Every day we see that after the Supreme Court’s hearing over Panama case, the members of PTI and PML(N) start their own kangaroo court outside the real court. No party would lose the chance to put the opposition down with the curses and verbal attacks they keep in reserve for such occasions. This particular upset started in hushed tones like any other issue. Day by day it gained steam and eventually the WrestleMania scene that played out in the Parliament of Pakistan was the last straw or perhaps the beginning of the grudge match - who can be sure anymore. Anyone is allowed to give remarks and express opinions about any subject or person they choose to, but not to the extreme of cursing those you disagree with, and certainly not to the extent where the image of the country you represent is tarnished.

The real fear is that these disputes may bleed into personal rivalries and give rise to lethal fights. This needs to stop. The Supreme Court should issue orders that outside of the courtroom, no party member is allowed to brief the media on whatever is happening inside the court. Immunity does not extend to outside the courtroom and there should be repercussions for inciting tension with politically fueled remarks to the press. It is the court’s work to pass decisions, not the media's or the politicians'. 

The travesty that played out in our Parliament the other day wasn't any less than a frantic, dramatic and frenzied bout of cage fighting or wrestling. As I was watching the Royal Rumble unfold on television, I tried to come up with any distinction between the current Parliament of Pakistan and then WWE. I succeeded in finding only one difference; in professional entertainment sports, fights are pre-planned and follow a set of rules and regulations so that nothing personal happens in the ring. On the other hand, parliamentarians, if they even deserve to be called our representatives, would pounce on each other out of anger and frustration. WWE entertains audiences whereas our parliament continues to disappoint the country.

As a nation, it is very embarrassing for us. What is the purpose of Parliament when leaders rarely even bother to attend this esteemed institution of Pakistan? Why can’t we have a designated place for personal catfights, be satiated and move on to the important issues? The Parliament is a platform to discuss problems and come up with solutions, not to give rise to more problems. Today or tomorrow, we need to realize that the solutions to our national crises can be found in healthy debates within the parliament; by listening to others with patience and showing tolerance and respect. Do we not have any other issue in the country to talk about and resolve other than the Panama Papers? Panama is in the jurisdiction of the Supreme Court and I am confident they will take diligent care of the decision. Why do we need to put our energies into aggravating the political situation of the country negatively? If the Parliament cannot be used for productive and constructive purposes, then there is a humble suggestion being proposed which is to lock up Parliament and go into a park for fights that can be executed just as well in other places as in the hallowed halls of our democratic institutions. If Parliament is to be used for cursing and abusing fellow parliamentarians, it is deviating wildly from the purpose our founders intended. Please step outside of it because you have no right to desecrate our nation in the name of representing its people.