I do appreciate Pakistan’s efforts against the eradication of polio virus within the country. Even after the positive attempts at eradication, Pakistan still remains one of the only three countries (Afghanistan and Nigeria) in the world with continued prevalence of poliovirus.

Two new cases of polio in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa in the last week of 2018 are signs that the government still needs to do more to make Pakistan a polio free country. According to a report, health experts claimed that traces of the virus were found in the sewage water of eight major cities including Karachi, Peshawar, Bannu, Lahore, Rawalpindi, Qilla Abdullah, Pishin and Quetta.

According to a report polio drive is scheduled from January 21, but as a citizen of the country it has been my wish to see our country in the list of polio free countries. To transform this dream into a reality the authorities should bring the parents into confidence about the importance of polio drops for a safe and healthy life. It is my humble request to each citizen of the country to help the polio teams and concerned authorities to make it sure that every child under the age of five is immunized.


Turbat, January 16.