LAHORE-Dramas have been the driving force in every household and each month there are certain shows and characters that become a part of our heart. There are often some characters that are so genuine and pure that the connection with them grows deeper each time they come on screen.

 Azfar Rehman and his character Shehryar in Aatish undoubtedly is one of those that are undeniably marvelous. In the race of depicting male characters as commanding and overpowering, Azfar’s character in the show is completely opposite. Like a breath of fresh air his character breaks the stereotypes of domineering men and depicts a much gentle and calmer side that some men tend to have. This serial, which is written by Shagufta Bhatti and directed by Saima Waseem are two names that always shine bright in the industry and have done phenomenal work over the years.

 The character of Shehryar written by Shugfta is unequivocally incredible and sketches a boy who has come from the states to meet his grandmother in Pakistan. Being entirelymodest and down to earth the character of Shehryar has absolutely no concept of theclass-consciousness that resides within the society and eventually falls in love with a member from the house hold staff.

A total happy go lucky person Azfar’s character just falls for the girl’s charm and strongly believes that everyone is equal. The character of Sheryar is achiever and tends to go after things when he puts his mind to it. The passage of how his love faces obstacles and despite the class differences, Shehryar works his way through things is truly delightful.

Azfar beautifully portrays the range of emotions this character goes through over the journey and every performance done by him was exceptional.

Playing a character that is both simple and genuine definitely is a challenging task and seeing AzfarRehman ace it makes it patent that his acting prowess is far deeper than many. Having seen him do roles starting from negative characters to ethnic backgrounds, his character in Aatish has to be one of his many great performances. Playing a character that has to be pleasant and likable all the time can often be extremely challenging however seeing Azfar do it so exquisitely in Aastish makes the whole show so much more great to watch.