LAHORE-VJ Mathira had previously opened her emotional posts about her divorce with DJ Flint J. While the actor-cum-model shared her tribulations of marital struggles, it doesn't mean that she won't hit the trolls back.

She took to twitter to express her feelings and wrote: “Being divorced is no sin. This taboo of the word talaqshuda (divorcee) should stop. Every girl has a right to live!! So live and let live,” she tweeted.

The actor responded to a troll that commented on one of her most recent Instagram images.

The actor added in another tweet, " “I think we should stop blaming and judging others by their appearance and what they wear because many people are in disguise. What I wear is to make me happy. What’s your problem?”

Mathira in 2013, married a Dubai-based DJ and Punjabi singer, Flint J, but got divorced in 2018. She has a son and lives in Karachi.