LOS ANGELES-Freida Pinto found fame ''very disconcerting''. The 34-year-old actress shot to fame in 2008 after starring 'Slumdog Millionaire' and admits her whole world changed and everything she had known was suddenly ''shut down''.

She said: ''I lived a very normal, middle class life in Mumbai. I travelled on local trains and buses, but suddenly that world was shut down for me out of need for safety and security. The constant being looked at, being trailed by the paparazzi - the invasion of privacy felt very disconcerting.'' And Freida has learned the ''art of blending in'' over the past decade, although she does get spotted from time to time.

She added: ''So much time has passed since 'Slumdog Millionaire' now, I think I've learned the art of blending in. There will always be that one person who calls out my name and wants a picture when I am walking across Leicester Square, but I go out without make-up unless I am promoting a film. I'm on guard, but I'm a lot more relaxed.'' Freida wants to use her Hollywood status to help other women feel ''worthy'' and is championing more education for women in her native India.