ISLAMABAD - ITF ‘Play Tennis’ coaching and tutor’s course has concluded here at Senator Dilawar Abbas PTF Complex. The course was conducted by Seyed Amir Borghei (ITF Development Officer for West & Central Asia), Asim Shafik (National Development Director-PTF) and Kamran Khalil (National Coordinator- JTI). Some 19 participants attended the course and they were educated in a highly professional manner. Luca Santilli (Executive Director, Development ITF) during his visit to the PTF Complex for inauguration of the NTC on January 25, also witnessed proceedings of the play tennis coaching course and delivered a brief speech to the course participants about coaching and development in the presence of Salim Saifullah Khan, President PTF and the PTF management. The President PTF, while speaking to the participants advised the participants to work hard as they would be training players in future. He appreciated role of the ITF in promotion of tennis and, thanked the ITF for allocating the coaching course to Pakistan. He also thanked Amer Borghei, Asim Shafik and Kamran Khalil for conducting such a beneficial course and imparting their knowledge to the participants.