ISLAMABAD - Central leader of All Pakistan Compressed Natural Gas Association (APCNGA) Abdul Ghiyas Paracha Wednesday urged the government to take drastic measures to promote the use of CNG in public transport and commercial vehicles, terming it cost-effective and environment-friendly. Talking to APP, he said the CNG sector was currently getting 220 million cubic feet per day (mmcfd) gas after the import of LNG and suggested to increase the supply to 500 mmcfd gas as it would help curtail the country’s fuel import bill by $ 670 million annually. “On sale of 500 mmcfd gas to CNG stations, the country will be able to save $ 670 million per annum on account of petrol import,” he said. Paracha was of the view that the import of LNG should be increased by involving private sector for ensuring uninterrupted supply to the CNG sector, being one of major LNG consumer industries. “It will be a guaranteed win-win situation for all the stakeholders.” With the promotion of CNG in vehicles, he said, the public transport and commercial fares would be cut by 30 percent and environmental pollution 28 percent.

He requested the government to notify the approval for import of latest Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) compatible kits and lightweight cylinders as it would help revive the CNG sector.

Explaining the difference between old and new CNG kits, he said “the old kits were for carbonated cars, now no carbonated car arrives in Pakistan as all are fuel injected. The new kits will give 15 percent fuel efficiency as compared to old ones, which can be tuned up through a mobile app without visiting any workshop.”

He said the new kits and lightweight 22kg and 45kg CNG cylinders could be used in 660cc to 3,000cc vehicles.

Elaborating the lightweight cylinders, he said these would have the same eight kilograms CNG filling capacity as of the old 60 kg CNG cylinders, adding that the new technology would be easy in handling and useful in fuel consumption, which would give better mileage.

He said a number of international entrepreneurs were in contact with the association for investment after seeing tremendous potential in CNG sector of Pakistan.

Answering a question, the APCNGA leader said presently around 1,150 CNG stations were operating in Punjab, 586 in Sindh and 613 in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.