WAZIRABAD-Former mayor and sitting Councillor of Barking and Dagenham (UK) Abdul Ghafoor Aziz has said that the direction and intention of Pakistani rulers looks on the right way, and to curb corruption and correct economic policy is essential for the betterment of Pakistan.

He was talking to media during a banquet arranged by London Awarded Photo Grapher Naseem Mir here at Wazirabad.

He said, "I was the first Muslim Pakistani who won the election of Mayor of Barking and Dagenham (UK) for the year of 2017-18 by two-third majority."

He added that after taking charge as Mayor first order he passed was ban on drinking which was a surprise especially in the country of the English. "Establishment of NAB like independent institutions in Pakistan is a good step.

Corruption and corrupt people are determined very cheap character in all developed countries and civilized societies," he said.

He added that America had realised that she could not win war or terror without the help of Pakistan, adding that relations between America and Pakistan would be normalised.

He said that he considered Gujranwala his home district because he belonged to neighbouring Kathiala Sheikhan village of Mandi Bahauddin. He also tanked Naseem Mir for organising a banquet in his honour.