Mohammad Jalil, the brother of one of the victims of the Sahiwal shooting, has challenged the JIT formed to investigate the case in the Lahore High Court.

He petitioned the court on Thursday to declare the JIT null and void and form a judicial commission to investigate the matter. In his petition, he said they have no faith that the JIT will ensure justice is served.

The Punjab IG didn’t have the authority to form the JIT, yet it was formed, Jalil said. He accused the police of trying to protect the CTD officers involved in the case.

He named the federal government, prime minister and Punjab IG as respondents in the case.

Recently, Jalil and other family members refused to appear before the JIT or before the ATC for the identification parade. They said they have no faith in the JIT.

Zeeshan, Mohammad Khalil, his wife and daughter were killed on January 19 after the CTD allegedly opened fire on their car in Sahiwal. A JIT investigating the case had held the CTD responsible for the killings.