In a music industry obsessed with glitz, glamour and mediocre attempts at synchronised dancing- Bayaan seems to be a breath of fresh air. Literally meaning to express something, this band has taken an oath to break a few barriers, one music video at a time. With the promising talent of Shahrukh Aslam, Mansoor Lashari, Haider Abbas, Muqueet Shahzad and Asfar Hussain, each possessing their own unique musical inspiration and style, Bayaan has evolved as a diverse brainchild, one that has not attached itself to only one specific genre or type of music.

Bayaan has a simple ideology of what they want to achieve. For them, music is not just sound, rather a way of giving life to various experiences that many of us might have and situations that we might face, giving their perspective on them. In their debut song Nahein Milta, this concept however transcends into a higher level of comprehension, one that requires a person to re-visit the video again and again, just to understand it.

With a metaphorical take on explaining life, it starts with a girl’s journey, one that is not only interspersed with rich animation, but also shots of the band, creating a riveting imagery. With their elaborate costumes, and pleasing artwork, they have done a brilliant job in trying to convince the audience of thinking outside the box.

Even if one finds the video as something that they just cannot wrap their heads around, the band has made it up in the lyrics of the song. Explaining a journey through a series of worldly experiences, the chorus of the song clearly sums up it up, making it self-explanatory for the audience. - Jisko jo bhi milta hai besabab nahein milta, mujh se bolay munn mera sub sab ko sab nahein milta (no one gets what they get without a reason, my heart tells me not everyone gets what they desire).

For them, their work should be taken as an attempt to revive music as a form of art, one that unfortunately has been brought down by stagnancy in the industry. With such an emphasis on making sure they stay away from the mainstream perception of what music and music videos should be like, perhaps Bayaan might actually be successful in tapping into this sort of spiritual awakening. However, with their whole career ahead of them, it seems that only time will tell.