Islamabad: The Capital Development Authority (CDA) authorities continued operation in I-11 slum areas on the second day, during which more illegal structures were demolished.

CDA Enforcement, ICT Administration and police participated in the operation during which the major portion of the illegal slums was demolished. Member Environment, CDA, Syed Mustafain Kazmi, Deputy D.G Land and Estate, Director Enforcement and other senior officers of the authority remained present, during the operation for which heavy machinery was to demolish the illegal structures. The residents of the illegal slums have evacuated their more than 90% luggage and belongings and the process of complete evacuation would be completed by Saturday. On the second day of the operation, around 60% of the illegal structures in the sector I-11/1 and 40% of the slums in the sector I-11/4 have been erased, as around 500 structures in the illegal slums have been demolished. Operation will continue tomorrow as well, till the demolishing of last illegal structure in the area.

Chairman, CDA, Maroof Afzal visited the site of the ongoing operation and appreciated the efforts of CDA Enforcement, District Administration, Police and other allied agencies to demolish this illegal slum. It was a major nuisance, since last many decades. He said that CDA operation against the illegal encroachments in slums would be continued across the board and across the capital, to evacuate every single inch of the CDA land from adverse possession. Talking to journalists, Chairman said that sector I-11 was opened in 1985 for the low income people and the allottees were waiting to construct their dream houses since then, which could not be materialized due to adverse possession of plots in this sector. The operation which was carried out on the directions of Islamabad High Court, would be brought to its logical end by demolishing all the illegal slums and encroachments in the Capital City.

CDA is carrying out operation not only against the illegal slums also against the nonconforming use of the houses in the city, as well as the nonconforming use of the Agro Farms. He said that CDA has not only taken legal action against the nonconforming use of the residences, but also have sealed a number of houses in the different sectors, including F-7 and F-6. Action is taken against the nonconforming use of houses, in light of the given rules. The allottees of the houses being used for the commercial purposes are given notices to end the nonconforming use failing which heavy fines are imposed by the Deputy Commissioner, CDA. If the allottees of the houses failed to end the commercial use even after the fine, their allotment is canceled and houses are sealed.

CDA has started fencing of the CDA land after removal of the illegal encroachment and also evolved an effective mechanism for discouraging the reemergence of the illegal occupation. The allottees of the Sector I-11 also met the Chairman, CDA during his visit to the operation area in the sector and appreciated the CDA for carrying out the successful operation in cooperation with the ICT Administration and Police. This operation would pave the way for handing over the land to its allottees enabling to construct their houses.