SWABI  - Muqaddam Khan - Deputy Commissioner (DC) in the district has sealed a leading hotel and arrested its owner after giving poisonous food to the policemen while 18 of the policemen were rushed to the local hospitals in serious condition here on Thursday.

The policemen were on duty in different polling stations here in the re-elections held here in 17 polling stations in 9 union councils. The food was provided by famous Samar Gul Hotel, situated in the district headquarter. The order of the preparation of the food for the policemen was given to the hotel management early in the morning and it was supplied at noon.

It was not immediately known that what went wrong with the food but the officials were of the view that the food was prepared and packed much earlier. As the policemen consumed the food, they started vomiting and complained diarrhoea. They were rushed to the hospitals and the officials were informed about the incident.

Taking prompt notice of the issue, Deputy Commissioner Mattiullah Khan sealed the hotel immediately and ordered to arrest the hotel owner, Samar Gul. He said that an inquiry would be conducted and if the hotel management were found responsible for preparing unhygienic food they would face strict action. However, it was not immediately clear when the inquiring report was expected to be completed and who would finalize the report about the food poisoning incident. The affected policemen were performing duty in the far-flung Naranji and Dobian Union councils.

It has been learnt that eight were admitted in Yar Hussain civil hospital and district headquarter hospital.

The policemen included Ibrahim Khan, Ghaffar Khan, Tauqir Ahmad, Tahir Khan, Asim Khan, Ajmal Khan, Jawad Khan, Naveed Ahmad, Tufail Khan, Faisal Khan, Khwas Khan, Muhammad Bilal, Majid Khan, Muhammad Sardar, Arshad Khan, Muhammad Naeem, Dawar Khan and Hazrat Bilal.