ISLAMABAD: Opposition parties in Thursday’s National Assembly session raised serious concerns over the government’s silence about the death of Taliban’s Supremo Mullah Omar, terming it a deliberate attempt to ignore parliament on this important matter.

Both PTI and MQM asked the government to unveil the truth behind the death of Mullah Omar, but not a single word was shared by the concerned ministers on this matter.

The treasury benches also came under severe criticism for not taking into confidence about PM Nawaz Sharif’s recent meeting with his Indian counterpart Narendra Modi in Russia.

“Why is the government not sharing about Mullah Omar’s death story in the parliament...We are getting information from foreign countries and foreign media,” said PTI’s lawmaker Shireen Mazari, raising serious objection on a point of order. She further said the parliament is being ignored by treasury benches.

“It is condemnable. The government should share this information otherwise what is relevance of parliament,” she question and in a same breath sought details about Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s meeting with Modi. Having almost same concerns, MQM’s parliamentary leader Abdul Rashid Godil also raised a question about Mullah Omar’s death. “The fact should be shared on this matter,” he said.

The opposition MNAs also raised concerns about the miseries of flood-hit areas in the country. A suggestion was also floated to prorogue the house and lawmakers should be sent to relevant areas to help the flood affectees. “Assembly session should be adjourned or prorogued and lawmakers should be sent to their constituencies to help flood victims,” said Rashid Godil, adding that the issue of floods needs to be discussed in the house and proper aid should be provided to the affectees.

Opposition parties lawmakers also raised the issue of alleged discrimination in allocation of funds for uplift program for the MNAs of opposition factions. PTI’s lawmaker Asad Umar, on a point of order, proposed a political solution of slum areas operation in Islamabad being carried out by ICT police. “People in slum areas are living for over 30 years so a political solution would help resolve this issue,” he added.

Albeit the government side did not come up with a response over all the issues raised by opposition parties but Minister of State Balighur Rahman shared a general reply about the operations carried out by the government.

“Operations carried out by law enforcement agencies are not against any party, as only targeting Pakistan’s enemies,” he said ostensibly giving response about the Karachi operation.

PPP lawmaker Imran Zafar Leghari raised the issue that a flight was delayed for 17 hours as Prime Minister’s relative has to attend some function in Saudia. “Passengers of the airbus faced much hardship due to this reason,” he pointed out.

Earlier, ‘the Pakistan Halal Authority Bill, 2015 was introduced in the house. A motion regarding ‘delimitation of constituencies (amendment) bill, 2015 was laid in the house. A motion about ‘the delimitation of constituencies (amendment) bill, 2015’ was also presented by PML-N MNA Abdul Manan.

Four resolutions including ‘the safeguard measure (amendment) ordinance, 2015’, ‘the countervailing duties ordinance, 2015’, ‘the anti-dumping duties ordinance, 2015’ and ‘The National Tariff commission, 2015’ were also given extension.–Javaid-ur-Rahman