KARACHI      -   In a brazen act of theft, unidentified men on Tues­day took away the vehicle-Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) used by Federal Minister for Information Technol­ogy and Communication Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui.

The incident was not only a brazen act as it hap­pened with the IT Minis­ter and MQM-P Convener but also more concerning as it occurred outside the MQM-P makeshift head­quarters in Karachi in the early morning on Tuesday.

The incident resonate concerns in the city that has witnessed a surge in the street crime activi­ties in recent past along with increased incidents of motorcycle and vehicle thefts in the city. The po­lice, Rangers and other authorities have constantly claimed success in busting groups involved in such ac­tivities and recovering mo­bile phones and other valu­able but is still to overcome the continuous increase in incidents of thefts and snatchings in the city.

According to New Town Police in whose jurisdic­tion the incident occurred, two unidentified men were seen in CCTV foot­ages stealing the MQM-P leader vehicle from out­side the party headquar­ters in Bahadurabad.

The vehicle was in the ownership of MQM-P’s disbanded charity wing Khaidmat-e-Khalq Foun­dation and was in use of the convener of the party Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui.

“Whenever he is in Ka­rachi, he uses this vehicle bearing a registration number TU 3157,” said an MQM-P official adding that it was recently purchased.