KARACHI - New avenues were opened for providing medical cover to children suffering from urological disorder when Sindh Institute of Medical Sciences (SIMS) fellowships were awarded to three trained surgeons at a ceremony held in Karachi on Friday.

The fellowship is initiated by the SIUT. Dr Ishrat Husain, director Institute of Business Administration, who was the chief guest, gave away fellowship to these surgeons who have been trained in this specialised field.

Speaking on the occasion, Prof Philips Ransley of Great Ormand Street Hospital London said, “Paediatric Urology fellowship will be a regular feature of Sindh Institute of Medical Sciences.”

SIUT director Prof Adibul Hasan Rizvi said since very beginning, the institute was providing teaching and training facilities in the field of urology, nephrology, hepatogastroenterology, radiology and laboratory sciences. Recognising its efforts, Sindh government declared the SIUT as Sindh Institute of Medical Sciences through a resolution passed by Sindh Assembly.

“Now we are providing postgraduate teaching and training urology, nephrology, hepatogastroenterology, radiology, laboratory sciences, medical technologies and ethics. The start of fellowship scheme is another initiative of the SIUT which aimed at providing specialised medical manpower and focus 75 million children in the country. Out of these 75 million children, 15,000 are born each year with developmental defects of the urinary tract and in addition thousands of children suffer from stone disease.

The SIUT had established a dedicated a 40-bed Paediatric Urological Unit about a decade ago along with a team of trained surgeons and nephrologists. According to an estimate, some 500 patients visit the unity every week. This major initiative on the part of SIUT was adequately supported by renowned foreign medical experts on regular basis. Prominent among them are Professor Philip Ransley and Dr Jeeta Dhillion (London), Prof Ricardo Gonzalez (Zurich), Stephanie Warne (London), Prof Barbara (Zurich), and Dr Padraig Malon (Ireland).

The visiting surgeons not only trained the Pakistani doctors in this specialised field but also pioneered the new concepts including pre natal counselling and discovering parentally diagnosed urological abnormalities. The new concepts have been described as a major breakthrough in paediatric urology.

Those surgeons who received fellowship included Dr Bashir Ahmed, Dr Sharjeel Saulat and Dr Sadaf Ata Umar. The ceremony was attended by delegates from Turkey, Japan Bangladesh and all over Pakistan.