KASUR – The announcement that the Punjab Chief Minister was not coming for the laptop distribution, on Friday, created disappointment for the students who had won the laptops and had been waiting for three hours.

The CM was scheduled to arrive in Kasur on 7.30 am. The absence of Punjab CM at the laptop distribution was also a matter of concern for the local police officials and security agency that had been preparing for the last two days, to assure high security. The district administration remained at the venue, the ground of District Public school till 2.00 am for the arrangements the previous night, while police and security personnel had spent the night at the venue and remained there till 1.00 pm. Expensive arrangements had been made for 1500 people. Winners of laptops, teachers, lecturers and parents of the students reached the venue before 7.30. But their expectations were dashed when after a long wait, the function did not start as the CM, Chief Guest of the event, did not arrive. Due to rising mercury, the participants started leaving the venue. At about 10.30 Advisor to the CM, Zaim Hussain Qadri, arrived and distributed 159 laptops among the students. Speaking on the occasion he said that the federal government would further increase the prices of petrol by 8 rupees within few days. He urged the masses to take action against such rulers who had a record corruption of 4000 billion (4000 arb) and they were further plundering the national wealth. He said that price hike was unbridled. He vowed that after the 2012 budget, PML-N government would distribute 300,000 laptops.

Local parliamentarians including newly elected MNA Malik Rasheed Ahmed, MNA Rao Mazhar Hayat, MNA Sh. Waseem Akhtar, MPA’s including Naeem Safdar, Nadeem Yaqoob Seithi, lawyers, teachers, and parents participated in the event.