RAWALPINDI  – Citizens have protested against inordinate delay in issuance of number plates of their vehicles and motorcycles by Excise and Taxation Department Rawalpindi. The department receives the fee but does not issue number plates of our motorcycles due to which we have to face difficulties in satisfying traffic police, said Jamil Ahmad, a motorcyclist. “I have paid fee to the respective department for obtaining number plate for my car a month before but the concerned assistant nods his head in no whenever I visit the office to get the number. This way every day police embarrass me and I am challanned often,” said Sharafat Hussain, a car owner.

“I can not go to my office on my newly purchased motorcycle and have to face the agony of wagon traveling daily due to non issuance of number plate by the respective department for the last two months. Whenever I dare to use my bike police never spares me and challans me due to absence of number plate, said Najib Hussain, a government employee.

Citizens appealed to high ups of excise department to evolve a system for speedy issuance of number plates otherwise they will be forced to stage sit in outside the office.