PESHAWAR  - After being accused of treason and involvement in anti-State activities, Dr Shakil Afridi and eight of his family member’s names were put on Exit Control List (ECL) on Friday.

According to government sources, lists have been sent to FIA immigration authorities, present at airports all over the country, after the addition of names of 12 people.

Sources said that Dr Afridi and his eight family members have been barred from leaving the country.

A case was registered against Dr Shakil Afridi under the ‘40-Frontier Crimes Regulations’ (40-FCR), after which the trial is being initiated in the Peshawar Central Jail under security measures.

The FATA Secretariat and its department of Law and Order have finalised arrangements to begin the trial of Dr Afridi and according to sources trial of his case registered under the 40-FCR is expected to commence in April.

It is still being contemplated whether the trial should be transferred to the Attock Fort keeping the aspect of security measures in view.

The surgeon recruited by the CIA to help track former al Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden, is in police custody on treason charges after the May 2, US Navy Seals raid operation in Abbottababad last year.

The administration of Khyber agency has registered cases against Dr Shakil Afridi and his family members under various articles of the FCR.

The government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has already dismissed 18 medics including surgeon Dr Shakil Afridi on disciplinary grounds, for running a fake vaccination programme, in the hope of obtaining DNA samples from the house where the CIA suspected Osama bin Laden was living.