PESHAWAR – Institute of Computer and Management Science (ICMS), Chairman Malik Tajamal Hayat Khan has stressed a need for an ‘education and health city’ to develop both the sectors, saying that the government-run schools are on the top if children of ministers and bureaucrats start studying therein.

Expressing his views in a ‘Mulaqat’ program organised by Khyber Union of Journalists (KhUJ) here at press club on Friday, Malik Tajamal Hayat Khan called for legislation to make the ministers and bureaucrats bound to send their descendents to government educational institutes.

He regretted that these offspring of the high profile people of the state and even government teachers, are studying in private schools and colleges and it is the reason that no heed is being paid to develop these plight conditions of the schools.

Besides, he said building for education purpose were constructed but no maintenance was made and facilities not provided to them, but as compared to the government schools, private education sector fully concentrating on quality education as well as better facilities to the students. About the ICMS, Tajamal said it was one of the best institutes wherein students were being imparted modern and quality education with different skills, adding that the students also visited historical places and skills related institutions in order to enhance qualification.

To a query, he said he had also been working in social sector for 10 years and launched several developmental projects for the beautification of the historical city Peshawar. However, he added he abandoned sports activities because of politics involvement. He said due to deteriorating law and order situation and a wave of bomb blasting in Peshawar, the plans of well-wishers for a good cause had shuttered. Peaceful atmosphere and good environment is need of the hour for standard and modern education.

Announcing Rs 1 million for KhUJ for education purpose of the union members’ children, Malik Tajamal Hayat Khan promised for free education to the journalists’ children in his institute from playgroup to FSc.