ISLAMABAD - The Supreme Court on Friday expressing dissatisfaction over the poor performance of the Punjab police in Sonia Naz rape case said if the Supreme Court could summon the prime minister, it can also summon the Punjab chief minister.

A three-member bench headed by the Chief Justice was hearing a suo moto case regarding the rape of a female by Punjab police officials in 2005. According to media reports on May 3, 2005, SP Khalid Abdullah and Inspector Jamshed Chishti along with two police constables had abducted Sonia Naz from her home in Johar Town and raped her.

The Chief Justice expressed his astonishment that former Superintendent of Police Faisalabad Ahmed Raza Tahir, against whom adverse findings were made in a judicial inquiry report, had been posted as Regional Police Officer (RPO) Lahore. The court observed that according to judicial commission report the same officer was also involved in Gujra incident.

The Chief Justice addressing Additional Inspector General (AIG) of Police Aslam Tareen said: “It is an example of good governance of your province. He has been made RPO to confront the judiciary.”

He said that four police officials had raped Sonia Naz but she is going from pillar to post for justice because the accused are running freely. The court has directed the Inspector General for Punjab Police to proceed against the accused and ensure the protection of Sonia Naz.

The AIG Aslam Tareen told the bench that Abdullah Khalid former SP and the main accused, was alive and absconding but later said that he was living in Sheikhupura after retirement.

Justice Tariq Parvez said that on previous hearing, the police officials had told that he had died. Justice Khilji Arif Hussain, expressing his displeasure, questioned how it was possible that a person had been drawing his pension and you saying absconding?

During the hearing, Sonia Naz was produced by the police authorities before the bench, who stated that due to immense threats and pressures from the accused, she could not appear before the court which gave a one sided decision in her absence.

She said that she had moved an application against acquittal of the accused before the Lahore High Court nearly two years back, but it was not taken up.

The court in its order observed that prima facie, despite the involvement of culprits as identified in an inquiry report of Zafar Iqbal Qureshi, no action had been taken so far.

The court directed IGP Punjab to examine all cases and proceed against those responsible without being influenced by the current judicial proceedings.

He was ordered to explain as to why an appeal against acquittal of accused was not filed in the High Court.

The bench also warned the police authorities against any harassment to Sonia Naz.

The court directed the IG Punjab to register a case regarding the murder of father-in-law of the Sonia and adjourned the hearing till April 23.