RAWALPINDI - The international forces do not want to see PML-N President Mian Nawaz Shairf as prime minister of Pakistan, as he could not dance to their tunes and made the country a nuclear power.

“Mian Nawaz Sharif is a pain in the neck of world establishment as he conducted five nuclear blasts on May 28, 1998, ignoring the immense pressure of Americans while making Pakistan a nuclear power,” said PML-N Deputy Secretary General Ahsan Iqbal while addressing the inaugural ceremony of Government Anwar-ul-Islam Girls High Schjool at Baraf Khana Chowk, Dhoke Seydan here on Friday. PML-N MNAs Dr Tariq Fazal Chaudhry, Malik Abrar Ahmed, MPA Malik Iftikhar Ahmed, PP-10 officer-bearers and a large number of supporters and MSF Young Wing also attended the function.

Ahsan Iqbal said that 180 million people would safeguard Nawaz Sharif as the international establishment was opposed to him for refusing to take dictation from it. He said that international powers were hatching conspiracies of depriving Pakistan of her nuclear assets but PML-N with the support of masses would foil all such conspiracies. He said that Nawaz, when he was PM in 1998, introduced Pakistan Program 2010 according to which 28000 MW electricity was to be produced, more dams constructed and coal energy was to be generated in a bid to provide cheap electricity to people. But, unfortunately, a military dictator General Musharraf toppled N league government and rolled back the program because of which Pakistan left behind from India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh in the every field in 2012, he said.

Coming down hard on President Asif Ali Zardari and his aides, PML-N stalwart said that President Zardari and his cronies have made new records of corruption. He said that Supreme Court of Pakistan (SCP) ordered an action against former Federal Minister for Water and Power Raja Pervaiz Ashraf for pocketing billion of rupees as bribe in RPPs.

He said that there was no electricity, gas, water and employment for the people as they were committing suicides after killing their own children. 

“Zardari only gifted problem to the masses while Nawaz is the only leader who will change the fate of people of Pakistan” said Ahsan adding that N league did record development projects in the whole province. He said that he would not beg vote from public for Nawaz and its party members on the basis of development works but to save the integrity and sovereignty of Quaid-e-Azam’s Pakistan.  

Dr Tariq Fazal Chauhdry, while addressing, said that Zardari and its aides’ erroneous polices destroyed Pakistan completely whereas N league waged a war against them to save the country. To win the war, public support was needed, he said urging the people to join N league to kick out Zaradari and it cronies from power corridors.

During the speech, Dr Tariq also intimidated the charged supporters, who were holding party flags and stuffed tiger, to chant slogan “Go Zardari Go”.

Malik Abrar, speaking on the occasion, said that Punjab government was striving hard to provide maximum facilities to the masses. He said that the government spent record funds to bring betterment in education sector. He said that many new schools were built in his constituency NA-54 whereas there would be more schools and colleges would be constructed in upcoming days. Later, N league MNAs and MPA inaugurated newly constructed Government Anwar-ul-Islam Girls High School worth Rs 12,496, 000.