LAHORE - Punjab Assembly has demanded equitable distribution of gas and electricity among the federating units, reducing reliance on furnace oil for electricity generation, proper working and immediate funding on hydel power projects and measures for early completion of Pakistan-Iran Gas Pipeline Project.

Through a unanimous resolution adopted on Friday, PA demanded the federal government to end monthly review of fuel adjustment and immediately implement projects related to the import of LNG.

During the proceedings, the treasury also managed to get five bills re-passed, including Walled City Lahore Bill 2012, Punjab Local Government Amendment Bill 2012 and Katchi Abadies Amendment Bill 2012, failing opposition’s attempts to stop the legislations by pointing quorum thrice.

The bills were earlier passed by the PA, but Governor Punjab had sent them back for reconsideration.

The chair after the passage of the bills and resolutions prorogued the session.

Earlier, the proceedings started with the delay of almost two hours presided by Speaker Rana Muhammad Iqbal.

After suspending rules, the chair allowed Law Minister Rana Sanaullah Khan to present the resolution.

“Punjab has 60 per cent share in industry of the country, so progress of the country is linked with the agricultural and industrial development of Punjab. The House expresses concerns over massive loadshedding of electricity and gas in the province and demands the federal government to ensure equal distribution of gas and electricity among all federating units”, the resolution stated.

It further said that the House demands the federal government to solve issue of circular debt on permanent basis and evolve a system that ensures giving due reward to the capable and punishment to the incapable distribution companies. It also demands the federal government to immediately fund hydel power projects to reduce reliance on costly generation of electricity from furnace oil. It further asked for the immediate implementation on Pak-Iran Gas Pipeline Project and import of LNG.

The resolution also demands giving priority to industry and power generation sectors and suspension of gas supply to unproductive sectors and putting an end to monthly review of fuel adjustment charges, encouragement of registration on merit and allowing private sector to sell and purchase electricity.