Leader of the Opposition in the Senate Ishaq Dar, Saturday, ruled out any possibility of pressure on his party on vital issues pertaining to Pakistan’s relations with America. He also proposed that government should involve in the changing situation emerging out of withdrawal of foreign forces from Afghanistan. While commenting possible influence on recent meetings with Pakistani representatives of power centers and foreign diplomats on his party, Dar said that his party was not under pressure from any corner on making decisions on NATO supply. Talking to ‘ONLINE’ here at Parliament House prior to meeting of Parliamentary Committee on National Security (PCNS), PML-N supported conditional restorations of NATO supply as Pakistan would be able to get five benefits out of it. “There will be no drone attacks, no hot pursuit inside Pakistani territories, no violation of Pakistani airspace, responsible of Salala check post will be brought to justice as well as Pakistan will get civil nuclear technology” said Ishaq Dar adding, “By doing this, Pakistan will be able to engage itself in post American, NATO/ ISAF withdrawal from Afghanistan scenario”. He said that Pakistan should seek schedule for withdrawal of foreign forces from Afghanistan from Americans as the US announced to withdraw its forces by 2014.