RAWALPINDI  - Non-restoration of gas supply to Police Colony has multiplied the miseries of the residents.

Police Colony consists of 300 residential quarters where the families of police department employees are settled but non-supply of gas has disrupted not only the monthly budget of the low paid employees but have also shattered their peace of mind.

The supply was disconnected due to non payment of outstanding dues and despite the fact that IG Punjab Police Haji Habibur Rehman had issued directives for immediate restoration of gas supply to the quarters, the colony still stands deprived of this facility.

“We go to our duty places without having break fast due to non availability of gas, said a group of police men.

We can not prepare break fast for our children and they have to go to their schools without taking break fast where they are forced to do their breakfast from make shift hotels which is absolutely unhygienic and contaminated,” said a group of house wives.

Residents of the colony demanded immediate supply of gas to the their residences to allay their woes.