LAHORE – A group of Imran Khan’s loyalists engaged in a close quarter combat with PML-N as the first batch of the party’s protest rally against loadshedding reached the Faisal Chowk, here on Friday.

The incident took place when PML-N activists who were already present in their camp, set up at Faisal Chowk as part of preparations for their protest rally the next day, exchanged hot words with the leading batch of PTI workers over raising slogans against each other’s leaderships. The exchange soon led to a scuffle, which resulted in minor injuries for workers on both sides.

PML-N president City Chapter Pervaiz Malik, who had arrived at the party’s camp sometime before the PTI activists, left the venue after directing the party workers to avoid clash, however the workers had a will of their own. Later the police and some members of PTI and PML-N intervened to break the scuffle.

The tensions which were seen between the activists of the PML-N and PTI indicate the possibilities of serious skirmishes between the two in the next general elections, while it also indicates that in the changing political canvas PTI might turn into a real challenger for PML-N in the next polls.

The PTI rally, which was taken out in the leadership of party’s central president, Javed Hashmi started from Mozang Chowk and culminated in front of Wapda House. The participants were holding party flags, posters with pictures of PTI leaders and placards inscribed with slogans for putting an end to loadshedding and against the unwise policies of the govt.